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Order minimum of 100 containerized seedlings for firs and spruces.

For different stocks

Nicole Doyon or Lucye Lacroix (Bechedor)
Tel. (office): 418-594-8580

For Cook firs

Simon Lemieux (Sapins Célestes)
Tel. (office): 819-547-3476
Tel. (home): 819-582-4296

For Balsam firs

Gilles Pelletier (Productions Résinex Inc.)
Tel. (office): 418-884-2664
Tel. (cellular): 418-563-1475

PFD (Photon Flux Density) seedlings

On an average height of 30 to 40 cm, these plants are mainly used for reforestation in areas of high woody and herbaceous competition. They are now used by most of the forest communities of the region and offer excellent performance in plantations.

Availability for 2017

  • White spruces

PFD firs in containers

Often used for replenished and also for new plantations, PFD Firs in containers becoming increasingly popular.

Characteristics of Cook fir

  • Late budding
  • Medium to fast growth
  • Tolerates a wide variety of soils
  • Excellent needle retention
  • Dense foliage
  • The most popular for making Christmas wreaths

Characteristics of Cook fir needles

  • Color bluish to dark green on both sides
  • Length (3/4 to 1 inch) flattened with rounded tip
  • Closer than the Balsam fir
  • Curved towards the upper side of the branch
  • Odor comparable to Balsam fir

Availability for 2017

No availability for 2017.

Black and white cedars

Ideal for your cedar hedges.

Available in garden centers.

  • Serres St-Georges in Saint-Georges de Beauce
  • Les Serres d’Aurélie in Sainte-Aurélie
  • Many landscape gardeners of the region

Different sizes and seedlings available

  • Plants in 3 gallon and 4 gallon pots
  • White cedar (90 cm and +)
  • Black cedar (45 cm and +): no availability for 2017
  • PFD seedlings (25-310): no availability for 2017

45-110 seedlings

About twenty years ago, these plants were mostly used. They are recommended in areas where vegetation competition is weak or they require more maintenance after planting because of their average height of 18 to 25 cm.

Availability 2017

  • No availability for 2017. Book early for 2018!

Bare root seedlings

Still as popular with producers of Christmas trees.

Availability for 2017

No availability for 2017.